TERMOSIGN: ready-made thermoplastic markers used to mark roads, parking lots and other pavements. By using thermoplastics of varying compositions and thicknesses, our product can be adapted for use in any climate and location. TERMOSIGN markers are more durable than traditional surface markings and are applied without the use of special equipment or specialized workers. Thanks to our unique technology, we can guarantee high quality products.


Oznakowanie poziome TermoznakiGeneral characteristics of TERMOSIGN:


  • Can be quickly and easily applied without the use of special equipment or specialized workers,
  • Has a high resistance to abrasion and wear,
  • Adheres well to any surface,
  • Is highly reflective in all weather conditions,
  • Results in shorter traffic interruptions during application.


Our products include white and colored pavement markings such as:


  • Lines, arrows and pedestrian crossings,
  • Crossings for cyclists,
  • Markings of parking spaces for the disabled,
  • Color and monochromatic pictograms of different shapes,
  • Inscriptions and logos,
  • Markings of bus stops,
  • Colored patterns for school playgrounds,
  • Custom pictograms as per client specification.